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Keagen is lying on a sofa well into a conversation with her friend Jess - then she receives the warning that her credit is about to run out. So she says a hurried goodbye to her friend, promising to be in touch again as soon as possible. Now what can she do? Then it hits her - Headmaster Tom has left his cell phone on the coffee table. So she dials Jess's number again and continues chatting with where she left off. By the time HM Tom has come to see how she did in school that day, she's asleep - curled up on the sofa. The conversation is pleasant and easy going, until he tells her he has one more business call to make that day. He picks up his cell phone from the coffee table and dials the number, but is told that he can't make any more calls as he's run out of credit. So he gets onto Support. They tell him he's no credit left as he made a thirty-minute call to Australia that day. He tells Support that he forgot about the call and apologises for bothering them. Oh dear, Keagen is in trouble. She reluctantly admits to being guilty. She was there when he topped up his phone the day before with $250. He tells her to kneel up on the sofa and lean over the back of it. Her head is well down, her hair hanging loose - hands on the floor. With her bottom well up - tight and taut, he removes his belt, doubles it and starts applying it to her bottom. He pauses for a moment to ask her to hand him her cell phone. She protests but he tells her she can't have it back until she's paid back the credits she used. Then the spanking continues. He stops again, this time she's to pull down her trousers and knickers and get back into place. A few minutes later he stops spanking her. He's going into town to buy some more credits - however, when he gets back the spanking will continue. Meanwhile, she can have a bit of a rest. Those naughty fingers are now being used to stroke her sore bottom.

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